Category: Women’s Voices

  • Creative Accounting

    On Saturday the 23rd of March Women Won’t Wheesht were proud to present our Creative Accounting exhibition at the Alloa Women’s Festival. Creative accounting documented the creative methods women in […]

  • Scottish Prisons Transgender Policy

    Residents in Scotland, add your signature to our letter asking Angel Constance to overturn the Scottish Prison Service Transgender Management Policy. Letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice & […]

  • The Rise & Fall of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

    ERCC was established in 1978 & proudly boast that they will “listen [to], believe & support all survivors aged 12 and over” They go on to say that they “understand […]

  • Scotland’s Greens lead the way in intolerance & misogyny

    In an open letter to Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Green Party, @WitchyMcWitch says his failure to call out his supporters’ Trumpian behaviour is souring public discourse

  • Thugs, bitches, Jeremy Hunts, bigots

    Thugs, bitches, abusers, jeremy hunts, bigots, transphobes, haters. These are the names our elected politicians call us because we want to protect women and girls. These are the names they […]