The Rise & Fall of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

ERCC was established in 1978 & proudly boast that they will “listen [to], believe & support all survivors aged 12 and over”

They go on to say that they “understand that for many, it can be difficult to access our support for the first time. It may be very difficult to talk about what happened and you may worry about not being believed. When you contact us we will listen to you, believe you and we will support you.”

However, it turns out that these words are untrue. Mere platitudes. 

ERCC recognised in 2021, when they were advertising for a new CEO that they specifically wanted a female (as they’re allowed to do) & advertised the post on that basis. 

They appointed a man. 

Not only did they appoint a man, they appointed a dishonest man. A man (legally & biologically) who pretended to be a woman. 

So now we have the ERCC with a lying man at it’s head, when presumably ERCC wanted an honest female. 

It is estimated that 94%¹ of survivors of rape and sexual assault develop PTSD symptoms as a result of their trauma, & a major factor in the development of PTSD for victims of sexual assault is the feeling of shame and guilt.

PTSD UK include this from a survivor, Chrissy Chambers

“Whenever I’m going to the supermarket, every man that I see, I have to come up with some plan in case he tries to attack me or how I will save myself.”

So, although the CEO says his service is “women-only”, he has publicly stated that any survivor who knows she needs care from another woman is a “bigot”, that the need for same-sex care is “unnacceptable” & that she should “expect to be challenged on her prejudices” [of requiring same-sex care]

Yesterday in court², we heard harrowing testimony from Roz Adams, discussing a survivor in her 60s who needed women-only group therapy, & was told by ERCC that, on that basis, she was unsuitable for their help.

Roz also confirmed that ERCC will not even tell female survivors who need same-sex care, of the existence of Beira’s Place who offer this. 

ERCC say that they will support survivors to make their own choices about what they want to do – they won’t

ERCC say they offer free and confidential emotional and practical support to all survivors aged 12 and over in Edinburgh, East and Midlothian, who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives – they don’t. 

ERCC say candidates for their roles must have personal integrity and honesty – that’s not necessary. 

ERCC say they adhere to Rape Crisis National Standards – they don’t.

ERCC say they comply with employment law & equality legislation – they don’t. 

It is unacceptable that survivors of sexual violence are shamed & made to feel guilty for speaking up & seeking help. For women to be further traumatised by a charity which purports to “help and support all survivors” is unconscionable.

ERCC, and any other RCC which employs these cruel & draconian practices is not fit for purpose, & there must be wholesale change immediately.

Any survivor who needs same-sex care can be helped at





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