About us

Who we are

We are a grassroots, non-political, women’s group.

We know that there are only 2 human sexes, that sex is not a choice, nor can it be changed.

We believe that women are entitled to privacy, safety, and dignity.

What we do

We campaign against the erosion of women’s sex-based rights.

We campaign for female-only prisons and female-only hospital wards – for women’s spaces to be women-only.

We campaign against identity-driven, experimental medical procedures being performed on children.

What can you do?

Campaign alongside us, and make your voice heard. If you’d like to come along to one of our events but worry about doing it alone, just drop us a note.

Tell your MSPs, MPs and local councillors how you feel. Your elected representatives are paid to represent you – make sure they know what you think and what you would like them to do (or not do) in your name. Every email, telephone call and meeting matters.

Follow us on Social Media to find out what we’re up to. We organise events every few weeks and we promote events organised by other women’s groups too. And of course, we love a chat, so please do follow us and get involved in discussions.

Get reading and arm yourself with facts. There’s tonnes of information out there to help you navigate the topic of sex and gender. As a starting point you might want to check out some of the excellent organisations and documents listed on our Resources page.

Our First Year

Well, that’s been a helluva year!

We’ve travelled the Country, been assaulted, organised events, attended events, been shouted at by lots of angry men, been unlawfully discriminated against & walked (& drunk) A LOT (our New Year’s Resolution is much less walking next year)

We decided in Belfast that we were going to take the, proverbial, bull by the horns, and organise Speakers Corners events all over Scotland.

Within the week we’d set up Women Won’t Wheesht & were organising our 1st event in Govan. 

We were humbled by the number of women who turned up with their banners, flags & voices. 

Since that 1st event, we’ve been to Ayr, Aberdeen, Falkirk & Skye.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve raged & we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time herding terfs <cough Dr Julia Long  🙇 cough> 

We organised a hustings in Rutherglen, which because we were initially, unlawfully, prevented from doing so, was much more labour intensive than we could’ve imagined, witnessed an impressive man-strop, then arranged an old-school street stall.

Our screening of AHF was rather overshadowed by some very dodgy dancing to celebrate our ex FMs arrest.

We’ve been to FiLiA where we met, & re-met some brave, fierce women. 

We’ve had meetings with MPs & MSPs of all flavours, & meetings with many different Police forces. 

We’ve attended events & meetings all over the UK with Terf Royalty, poetry events, banner-making, bonfires, documentary making & given numerous interviews to national & international news outlets.

Our Halloween Party in Stirling with GTF & WRN was such good fun that we’ve already booked for 2024. 

The support we’ve had from grassroots women’s groups has been amazing, &

special thanks must go to GTF, WRN & Alloa Women’s Festival &, of course, all the Scottish Witches (you know who you are), They are sheroes. 

We had a bit of fun with the more intellectually challenged of anti-women advocates (TerfTom anyone?)

Although we’ve had many, many highlights, the low point was, without question, Julie being repeatedly assaulted by a ‘trans’ activist in Aberdeen, resulting in Julie having to take sick leave to deal with her injuries & Doctors appointments. We remain horrified by this & the inadequate response by Police Scotland. And we’d like to say this was condemned by all, but no, this male violence was celebrated by the usual cowardly inadequates. 

So, 2024…

We’re expecting a General Election date to be announced & we have plans in constituencies with the most egregious of misogynist MPs.

Of course, the 3rd Alloa Women’s Festival is happening on 23rd March, and we hope to see you there to hear the inspirational Speakers (you do not want to miss them)

We’ll have more Speakers Corners, the 1st will be in Dundee.

Hopefully there will be no assaults, less shouty men & less unlawful discrimination. 

We hope you have a happy festive period & we’ll see you on the other side. 

Caroline, Clare, Jenny & Julie