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  • Our First Year

    When did you start? The idea for Women Won’t Wheesht events started on a Ferry, somewhere on the Irish Sea, when we were coming back from a weekend in Belfast […]

  • The Rise & Fall of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

    ERCC was established in 1978 & proudly boast that they will “listen [to], believe & support all survivors aged 12 and over” They go on to say that they “understand […]

  • Rights are definitely not Pi…

    @crit_gen looks back at a historical legislative error and draws parallels with current GRA reform in Scotland and the unthinking politicians nodding through a flawed law

  • Meeting with Fulton MacGregor MSP

    With the vote imminent on GRA reform I’ve been attempting to meet with as many of my MSPs as possible, given that my email questions have either been ignore or replied to with copy and paste answers. I thought I’d share details of the meeting I had with Fulton MacGregor SNP.